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Education without Borders: The Advantages of Attending an International School

Education without borders is an increasingly popular topic, and for good reason. Attending an international school offers a plethora of opportunities that cannot be found in the traditional education system. Whether you are a student who is interested in learning…

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How to write a cover letter in English?

You have been offered an occasion to work abroad or you have to go for an internship? Even more, the offer you wish to apply for demands a cover letter in English? To distinguish yourself from all other candidates, a…

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Learn common English and “business” English: What are the differences?

In professional entourages, we often hear the expression “business English”. More importantly, it seems that having it as an asset facilitates getting a work promotion. So, what exactly is it? What differences does it have compared to common English? How…

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What exams should you prepare to perfect your professional English

Nowadays, the language of Shakespeare has become a much valuable asset, especially in the business world. Mastering this language, which is now an international language, is a guaranteed way to make value of your curriculum vitae. Passing exams in this…

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IELTS: Of what this exam consists?

Passing the IELTS is a major asset for students or those who wish to work abroad. Once you succeed in this test, the certified individual is considered as bilingual. However, successfully passing this exam requires a good knowledge of the…

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How to get a Certibiocide and Certiphyto certificates

Is pest control your day job? Or, on the contrary, you are part of a company selling phytosanitary products. The common thread is that you have to follow strict guidelines while dealing with pest-eradicating products. Thanks to a specialized organization,…

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Advices on finding your future health school at Paris

Many young people aspire to become health professionals. In the case of France, there are many available opportunities in this domain. The medical and paramedical fields require more staff; this demand has been continuously increasing since a few years. In…

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Education in the health and social fields

The social and health field include jobs, as well as diplomas, intended to satisfy the daily needs of many people. Indeed, getting an education in the health and social domain helps acquiring multiple professional qualifications which contribute to recovering or…

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How to revise well for your TOEIC exam?

The Test of English for International Communication (TOEIC) is an exam allowing the candidate to estimate his English level with comparison to the official international level. Getting a high score in this popular test allows you to open new portals…

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