You have been offered an occasion to work abroad or you have to go for an internship? Even more, the offer you wish to apply for demands a cover letter in English? To distinguish yourself from all other candidates, a well-written cover letter is the first step to impressing your recruiter.

The content of the letter

Writing a successful cover letter in English, first of all, a challenge because it depends, above all, on mastering the language in question. In fact, it is through this language that you must make value of your capacities and personality. In this letter, you should talk about your motivation and express your interest in the company. You should also state your acquired skills through the undergone education and experiences. You should demonstrate that you have mastered the job offer’s domain and that your knowledge has much to offer to the company. Finally, do not forget to encourage them to have an interview with you while insisting on your availability. You should mention your references and make sure that you have attached you CV. 

The structure of the letter

The cover letter is based on its structure, through which the recruiter will firstly judge you. The same applies to an English cover letter. At the top left, you must cite your contact information, and at the bottom you should state the date you wrote the letter. Then, at the bottom right, you should indicate the receiver, his/her function, and address. Next, indicate the object of the letter through stating the position to be filled. In the body of the letter, you must start with a show of politeness before presuming to stating, by detail, your experiences. Once you have presented your application arguments to your interlocutor, you should close the letter with a form of politeness. Finally, sign the letter at the bottom while indicating your name.

Tips to perfect the letter

In you English cover letter, demonstrate your professionalism while using sought-after vocabularies. You can use actual or online dictionaries to get a few ideas. Do not drift apart from the subject, show through your words that you are serious and ready to start working. Try not to over-argument, as the letter should be of one page. Clear and short sentences without repetition are the best and sufficient for the letter to be convincing. The structure must be neat to be attracting to read. It is also advisable to make space in your text by jumping a line after each paragraph. Proof-reading your letter is also very important as it would reflect your English level. Make sure that your letter is fault-free.