Is pest control your day job? Or, on the contrary, you are part of a company selling phytosanitary products. The common thread is that you have to follow strict guidelines while dealing with pest-eradicating products. Thanks to a specialized organization, you can easily learn how to deal with these products. Find out how you can get certified in biocide and phytosanitary products.

Trainings for hygiene professionals

Each company or professional in need of using special products during rat control, pest control, or cleaning in general must have completed a training curriculum. This issue concerns sellers and buyers of these products. Anyhow, these are highly hazardous products which can harm their users. Thus, the Ministry of Ecological and Intrusive Transition chiefs over this issue and demands that those concerned receive an adequate forming by a qualified and authorized party. IZIPest is one of the authorized companies. 

Training to obtain a certibiocide certificate

Certibiocide training proves that a person has been trained by professionals accustomed to managing invasive organisms such as rats and fungi. Since the 1st of July 2015, anyone who wishes to but, distribute or use biocide products must receive a state-recognized training. There is a certibiocide training center at Lyon. However, there are other centers scattered around the French grounds. If the concerned individual already has an official certiphyto certificate, he only needs to take a one-day training course. In case he does not have any other certificate, the individual would be required to undergo a three-day training course to get his certibiocide at Lyon. During these days, he would learn to be familiarized with all the guidelines for using biocide products and all existing alternatives.

Certiphyto for phytopharmaceutical products

Certiphyto is a certificate governing the use, distribution, or selling of phytopharmaceutical or phytosanitary products. These products, which are destined for protecting plants and prevent them from catching sickness, must be used with extreme carefulness and dosing. To this end, since 2016, the law has fixed precise types of certiphyto according to the individual’s professional activity. In order to acquire your certificate at Lyon, the individual must fix a certain professional profile. He who wishes to sell phytosanitary products must undergo a three-day training course. On the other hand, a person who would provide use advices will be entitled to a four-day training course. Your pest control specialist would recommend the best solutions to get rid of nuisances without neglecting the environmental impact.