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What kind of data is in a PIM?

With this system platform, an e-commerce can store and manage all the necessary data it needs for it to operate online. It therefore becomes possible for e-commerce retailers to decentralise all information of products and any underlying digital assets in…

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Can a business coach help me manage my team?

Business leaders find it hard to manage their teams in many cases. This is why a great number of managers rely on a business coach to accompany them through the development of their teams’ skills or through finding solutions for…

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Four tips to better organize your daily life

Going to high school is a key step in the life of a student. The transition to high school life is an upheaval on both of expectations and the students’ involvement, and the adult stance that the student must adopt…

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Establish a review of your skills

Nowadays, business owners and employees do have many questions concerning the evolution of their careers. They do wonder what kind of project suits them best, what kind of skills have they developed and what other skills must they enhance. All…

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Relying on the professionals of “Le Village de l’emploi”

In order to earn a living, it is mandatory to find yourself a convenient source of income. While a successful and brilliant scholar and academic path guarantees employment, the new job-market trends seem to demonstrate a radical change of the…

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Boost your career by getting the company of a specialized coach

Coaching is a predefined exchange during a certain period of time; it helps the person reach his or her fixed objectives, either from a professional or a private point of view. Nowadays, coaching has become a common practice within companies…

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How to correctly calculate apprenticeship taxes?

The “professional future” law, passed in 2020, ensures the payment of all professional-training-related contributions directly to the Social Security and Family Allowances Recovery Union (“Union de Recouvrement pour la Sécurité Sociale et les Allocations Familiales” URSSAF in French). But, the…

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How to get a training in human resources

According to its size, the layout of human resources varies at the heart of each business. It tends to the progress of the company’s business and can be achieved via different methods, either through internal management or through an external…

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