Many young people aspire to become health professionals. In the case of France, there are many available opportunities in this domain. The medical and paramedical fields require more staff; this demand has been continuously increasing since a few years. In order to successfully become a doctor, you have to get a long education; however, there are other available job vacancies which you could qualify for through getting a shorter education, such as nurses. In order to work in the health sector, you have to get an adequate education. Concerning medicine, you have to get an education in a health school, which means going to medical school. For other sectors, there are other available alternatives. Then, what are the opportunities provided by each health-related education?

Education courses to become a health sector professional

Statistically speaking, the number of doctors in France per 1000 inhabitants is low compared with other Europe countries such as Germany, Portugal or Spain; while the French have the most efficient health systems around the globe thanks to the establishment of social security system. The health field never ceases evolving especially because of new diseases such as the case of the Covid-19 pandemic. Other diseases are born because of atmospheric pollution. This is why the health sector requires more working staff. France has the second largest population in Europe. In the health sector’s perspective, these people are potential patients. The demand on health professionals, therefore, never ceases to rise. Currently, the number of health-field workers in France exceeds 1 million workers. If you wish to be part of them, you have to get the best education. To this end, it is mandatory to have a scientific baccalaureate degree in order to qualify for a medical school. You will have to study a common first year for health studies (“Première année commune aux Etudes de Santé” (PACES) in French) in order to find and pass your desired test. You may, for example, choose to get and education to graduate and become a midwife in a period of 5 years. In case you want to be a specialized doctor, you should count up to 11 years of post-baccalaureate studies. Pharmaceutical education takes from 6 to 9 years of studies. You can choose to be part of the paramedical domain if you want to graduate earlier. If you desire to become a dental prosthetist or a pharmacy technician, a “Bac Pro” would be sufficient in order to enroll in a school. There are, also, senior technician certificates’ curriculums (BTS in French) destined to those who wish to be biochemical analysts, for example.

The required studies to become a doctor in Paris

All around the French soils, you can register in about 40 universities in order to pass your common first year for health studies (PACES). The capital has few universities which would offer you courses of your choice. You have the possibility to register online via a dedicated website. You even have the possibility to enroll in a medical prep school during the same time as your common first year for health studies. When you enroll in one of these private institutions, you will have higher chances of graduating in a much selective field. With regard to your preferences, you can in fact enroll in the medical faculty. You should carefully choose your specialty as there would be no going back. Take into consideration your level of motivation and the duration of the courses. It is advisable to choose a specialty you do feel comfortable while practicing it.

Go to college to have a medical education

You can register at a health school and have an education of your choice. Medical studies are subdivided to multiple categories. Within these categories, you can choose studies in the medical field, paramedical field, management and marketing in the health sector, or medico-social field. Institutions such as medical faculty, faculty of physiotherapy, nursing faculty and speech therapy faculty would welcome you to have the education you have chosen. In order to have practical experience and apply the acquired knowledge during the studies, most of these institutions are collaborating with hospitals.