Published on : 08 April 20223 min reading time
Nowadays, the language of Shakespeare has become a much valuable asset, especially in the business world. Mastering this language, which is now an international language, is a guaranteed way to make value of your curriculum vitae. Passing exams in this subject would not only help you enhance your language level, but also grant you more professional opportunities. 

Why improve your professional English?

Whatever may be the domain you desire to engage, knowing how to communicate in English would offer you international opportune circumstances. You are a worker desiring to evolve your career? Enhancing your professional English would help increase your assigned tasks’ importance. Also, it offers you the occasion to extend your skills, obligations, and consequently, your value within the company. In the case of a young graduate wishing to get employed, professional English is not only an asset, but it also serves as an essential linguistic knowledge. Passing tests similar to the ones the ones suggested by is very important, not only for the purpose of getting certificates contributing to your CV, but also to permit you to self-evaluate.

How to enhance your professional English level?

It is obvious that English knowledge taught in high school is not sufficient to confront the difficulties in work environment. You should focus more on your English education to have the required level for speaking business English. In fact, professional English implies the use of certain, more technical, vocabulary. The internet offers you numerous ways to get familiarized with this language. There are several free courses available online helping you to perfect your professional English. Watching films with the original audio version or having online conversations with your English-speaking acquaintances would help you practice your pronunciation. Reading novels on the internet will quickly develop your comprehension. However, nothing keeps you from checking your old textbooks or taking private lessons. Testing your capacities through taking mock exams would also fully motivate you to perfect your English.

Which exams to choose?

Regarding the wide variety of encountered certification tests to validate your proficiency in English, it is indeed difficult to choose one. The most popular ones are the TOEIC and the TOEFL. However, each one of them has its particularities and you should choose among them according to your objectives. Concerning professional English, the TOEIC is a reference exam to certify your competencies. This exam is recognizable in professional environments and many companies use it as a hiring criterion. In addition, the BULATS is a linguistic competencies’ evaluation test in a professional context. It allows you to determine your professional English level according to the international standard.