The Test of English for International Communication (TOEIC) is an exam allowing the candidate to estimate his English level with comparison to the official international level. Getting a high score in this popular test allows you to open new portals and gain new opportunities on an international level regarding that candidates can add their score to their CVs. Preparing for the TOEIC, which is focalized on its structure and characteristics, is necessary for you to obtain additional points.

Evaluate your English level and get familiarized with the exam

It is essential to determine your expertise in English language in order to select the most adapted prepping methodology to your case and which score you could actually aim for. As an example, the website GlobalExam particularly offers you the option of passing the TOEIC exam for free, and once the candidate has determined his level, he would be able to choose the appropriate prepping tools. Knowing the TOEIC’s modalities, structure and specificities helps putting in place a prepping plan. The TOEIC is a standardized test. Its creators apply an identifiable pattern consisting of recurrent questions and exercises. Moreover, the sequences are recognizable and, therefore, present an ideal occasion to analyze and each part (Listening and Reading) in order to master its functioning while detecting the possible traps.

Establishing and maintaining a prepping methodology

The TOEIC is not a contest, but the revision schedule should spread over a period of 2 or 3 months prior to the exam, during which the candidate can devote, in average, 1 hour of studying per day. In this case, the candidate can alternate between active revising which consists of performing model exercises with certain conditions, and passive revising which favors listening to English language.  A short self-evaluation can also help the candidate in calibrating his score through estimating the amount of points he needs to gain while identifying both his weakness and strength points. In addition, a significant prepping period would limit the candidate’s stress if he performs mock exams as a form of regular self-evaluation.

Practice makes perfect

Practicing language skills is the most effective and less intrusive solution to perfect your English. This immersive method would rapidly help the candidate make progress as it automatically calls for the simultaneous use of vocabulary and grammatical rules. Combining this immersive method with simulations of the online TOEIC test makes it possible to quantify, raise and accelerate gaining both time on each part and score points.