With this system platform, an e-commerce can store and manage all the necessary data it needs for it to operate online. It therefore becomes possible for e-commerce retailers to decentralise all information of products and any underlying digital assets in a single unit for easy distribution throughout the many channels. More information here.

When the system stores data, it synchronises it frequently so that it can maintain consistency of information. This in turn becomes a big advantage to majority of online retailers. The online retailers can avoid inaccurate and missing product descriptions and listings.


For you to run a successful online business, you will need to put in place all the key elements of your business. For instance, it is important that you create a well-defined tree of families and develop a distinct category for each of them. In short, you need to organise your products to their distinct features.

The system platform allows you to do just that and you can brand them names according to their typology. You can also import them to the Excel if you have already defined them. For example, if run an online clothes line or a clothes catalogue, you could store locate, store and manage the products in the following categories: shorts, trousers, cardigans, dresses and t-shirts.


The easiest and fastest way to add all your products and product info in this system is by importing all your excel files. All you will need to do is to accumulate all the necessary information about them first for easy transfer.

Once you have all your product information, the next step is to import it and organise them and arrange them in a way you will like. However, it is important to first have a good starting structure.

The importance of a good structure is to make it easier when you import contents of your product into the system platform and it will also give you easy time when you need to review and enrich the product information.


Majority of the catalogues do not contain one products; usually its different varieties of the same product in terms of their variable characteristics. A good example; clothes come in different colours, sizes and textures.

However, the biggest challenge with managing this as a type of data in information system is that they tend to have a repetitive order in terms of name and description. Therefore, the perfect solution for this shortcoming is creating variants of your products so that there is no need of repeating the same contents in all variants. This will help you deal with product information that varies.


Online businesses come in different categories. You may have a business that operates in different countries, networks and region. Therefore, you need to find an effective way of synchronising all your product information in different languages.

When using this system, you will be able to automatically access the Multilanguage option effectively. This system permits its user to generate and import content and also correct fields in various languages all the same time. A user is free to add local language variants such as Spanish, British English and Mandarin to the information system.
Sales Material

The good thing about this system is its ability to permit users to store more than just product information. You can store other useful sales material and documentations such as legal certificates and customs documentation.

You can organise workflow and assign different roles to supervisors and editors to create, analyse and add any necessary changes to the product data. The workflow system will enhance better synchronisation in teams and you will also have an error-free product data.

The system functionality has been of great use most especially during the pandemic times where people had to embrace remote working. They could store anything that they need regarding their product catalogue and organise the information in a more effective way.


It is impossible to run an online business without attaching images of the products you are selling. Attaching images of your products online to your potential clients is at least the minimum requirement for running an online catalogue as it will make your business more attractive. Your product page and marketplace will also be more attractive to customers.

One thing about managing product images is that, it is tough. This is because, most of the time, each product usually has numerous pictures that are also in different formats. Therefore, they are suitable for particular sales channel.

Therefore, when using this management system, you not only can centralise your products in numerical and textual formats but also in a multimedia format. The system also permits you to transfer and store all the product images and automatically connect them to a Dropbox account.

This system platform can store data in different forms that will make you run your e-commerce business smoothly. With the above information, you will be sure to know what it can or cannot do.