In order to earn a living, it is mandatory to find yourself a convenient source of income. While a successful and brilliant scholar and academic path guarantees employment, the new job-market trends seem to demonstrate a radical change of the paradigm. In reality, finding a job nowadays isn’t that easy of a task. The high unemployment rates demonstrate a saturation in the market of professional supply and demand. Many students keep on getting educated in fields that do not necessarily guarantee finding a job with the aim of enhancing their chances of getting employed. In addition to being expensive, the costs of these education fields make access to knowledge quite impossible for certain individuals. Finding a work contract is not that easy of a task for young graduates. Yet, the market is full of excellent work opportunities. In order to seize these opportunities, it is better to be accompanied through the job hunt. This the reason why certain structures, similar to “Le Village du travail” propose new opportunities for students, in spite of the dysfunction, thanks to an adequate accompanying: The opportunity to undergo a free training to develop one’s skills and get access to a professional situation.

The ideal innovation for young graduates

“Le Village de l’emploi”, translates to “the employment village” in English, is an employability program established in 1998. In fact, this agency has been created in order to help inexperienced aspirers to get integrated in a professional environment after a certain training period. It was the idea of an IT young graduate who struggled to find a suitable work position. Creating a professional support organization has been a way to give value to young graduates’ computer skills while offering them the chance to get years-worth of experience in a few months. This strategy has facilitated more than one individual and has facilitated the professional integration of a significant number of students. With a team of active professionals, the structure innovates by the advice of its specialists throughout the village of employment reviews. Like any innovative company, the journey is not quite difficult. The experts’ agreement had given rise to solutions adapted to the applicants’ difficulties, while keeping focus on the main objectives. Among other things, it has also succeeded in facilitating the integration of recruits within the professional environment in the field of computer systems. It also provides help to those opting for a job in the computer science domain, as well as students wishing to be part of other domains.

Profit from a practical and unique training

The interviewing phase is, often, an uncertain step of the recruitment process. As it is very stressful, it is not uncommon to be quite discriminatory as it totally depends of the recruiters’ discretion. If you are a young person looking to be hired, your professional support center opens its doors for you. Its professional team carefully studies each profile and evaluates your motivation, while associating with experts to judge your interest for the project. Computer scientists are not the only ones who are able to be integrated in this project. Even better; if you are a foreign student you can also apply, but you have to get a practice authorization in case you are hired. The platform, which is conscious of the recruiters’ expectations, relies on professionals having a vast experience in the domain. If you wish to receive training or enhance your situation, you can opt for full training or capacity building offers. Short or long-term trainings are flexible and lead to an introduction to the professional work environment. The candidates are collected by program partners and will be allowed the chance to work under their supervision. When the trained young individual decides to work independently or in another company, he would then bear the training costs. Normally, the students’ acquired skills should develop and serve, initially, within a company in partnership with the training center. In order to avoid delivering inexperienced workers to the job market, inexperienced executives may benefit from social support and moral help during times of stress within the recipient company.

Win your first contract thanks to a unique program

An indeterminate contract is the dream of every young student in the process of a professional internship. In reality, the contract is signed only when the candidate is selected, by one of the partners of a facilitating agency, for a project. Getting an experiential training is a key asset as it raises the chances of the young recruit immediately operational. Better, the awareness of the training structure gives the recruit more chances to get rapidly integrated within the professional environment. However, the training is fully funded by the program only if the new employee has been working for three years with his employer. This implicates that all training fees are covered if you meet the deadlines. In case you decide to stop the collaboration before the end of the three years, there may be some penalties. The penalties consist of the remaining sum to complete the training. 

Profit from a myriad of advantages

The professional support program contains different modules from which you can decide whether you grant credit or not. These modules offer definite advantages whatever may be your status: parent, looking for a job contract, partner company, etc… In fact, getting access to this program may offer numerous professional job-market openings. Particularly, guidance in information-systems-related sectors allows you to evolve in a not-so-very exploited field providing a bright future. The jobs that can result from this are varied and numerous. If you are not quite certain which specialty suits you best, you can profit from a complete profiling made by education specialists and experienced psychologists. It should also be noted that this program perfectly takes into consideration the applicant’s profound aspirations. While inexperience and lack of knowledge of the professional sector’s ruthlessness may oppose professional success, a judicious palliative can help overcoming these difficulties. In reality, for a work counselor, personal convictions are more valuable assets than they are obstacles. On the other hand, having the certainty of getting integrated in a company just after finishing the training is a huge advantage. This would allow you to gain experience while making savings, thanks to a wage which you negotiate with the auspices of the supporting judicial team. In addition, the st-up team grants you protection from any abuse by your employer. Cases of litigation, such as poorly-negotiated contracts, harassment in a professional environment, abuse of power or unfair dismissal, can rapidly arise. If this is the case, your insertion counselor has the sufficient resources to re-establish a good relationship with your employer.

Finding the best structure

Choosing to your future to a professional support organization is a pledge of great confidence. This is why you should refer to check your agent’s reputation. Alongside the theoretical achievements, real-life achievements are always a better demonstration of success and effectiveness. However, effectiveness has never been sufficient. Efficiency in the ability to provide a decent profession to young graduates upon leaving universities testifies to a good quality structure. It is possibly useful to complete your training to specialize in a domain having a bright future in order to enhance your chances.