Academic success

Supervision is one of the most important factors for academic success. Better supervision for schoolchildren, college students or high school students reduces the number of failures or dropouts.

Educational success

The family, boy-girl equality in the education system, school perseverance, innovation and high school life are at the center of concern for the success of all educational paths.

Professional success

Increase self-confidence, set specific goals, strive for excellence, have gratitude, take responsibility … Several factors to embrace business success.


Motivation: academic success

While academic success is a matter of ability, it also depends on motivation. Knowing the sources of academic motivation enables effective action by adopting well-targeted intervention strategies in schools and universities. Motivation depends on the student’s perception, the value of an activity and their own competence to succeed. It also depends on the degree of his activity control.

  1. This is a major issue for success
  2. Preserving through university
  3. A challenge for employment actors

The Personal Training Account


The Personal Training Account is intended for people in active life, whether they are private employees, unemployed people or school leavers. Several training courses in France are eligible for the Personal Training Account. By following a Personal Training Account course, you will benefit from full or partial funding depending on the amount of money you have in your Personal Training Account to successfully complete your training.

Success factors in vocational training



E-learning has revolutionised the field of corporate training. E-learning is convenient, flexible and cost-effective.

Self-directed learning

In self-study, you are free to manage your own schedule. This way, you can learn at your own pace.

Compulsory training

Compulsory and statutory training is designed to protect the health and safety of employees and is recommended.

Language training

Linguistics is a scientific discipline concerned with the study of language. Are you passionate about languages and want to assess your level? Visit Global Exam.

The keys to a successful leadership


In the workplace, leaders must be able to unleash the potential of their teams by creating the right climate for creativity and innovation. Leading a team is never easy and requires a lot of hard work and attention from the manager of any size company. The leader is not a visionary, but must have a clear idea of the future of the company and must be able to face difficult situations with courage while assuming his responsibilities.

A leader unleashes the potential within his or her employees. He or she fosters creativity and innovation. Leadership coaching may be necessary in some cases to develop the right profile for the task. Companies specialising in executive business coaching help to develop leaders capable of succeeding in the most complicated projects.

The keys to a successful leadership

Coaching in the professional environment


Increased productivity

Increased productivity

coaching can increase the production of your employees. Motivating teams and improving employee productivity is a daily goal for a business or team leader. The quality of life at work has a strong impact on employee engagement and performance and thus on productivity.

Conflict reduction

Conflict reduction

Coaching for conflict management does exist. He helps employees develop creative ways to resolve conflicts that can negatively impact company life. In this type of coaching, the coach uses means to promote self-discovery and to clarify solutions for the coachee

Organizational strength

Organizational strength

Organizational coaching is a kind of professional coaching that can be practiced in the context of a business merger or reorganization. He works on three aspects which are executive support, cohesion between different managers and the successful transformation of all organizational practices.